Piraeus (Athens)

Piraeus (Athens), Greece Few destinations rival the cultural wealth and intriguing sightseeing of Athens. Perhaps best known is the Parthenon, the great temple which lords over the city from the Acropolis. The city also hosts a large and diverse selection of important museums. In the exciting restaurants and clubs in Plaka District, society is out in full, with visitors and Athenians gathered together to drink, dine and dance within


Bustling, picturesque, and cosmopolitan, Heraklion, Chania, Rethymnon and Agios Nikolaos, Crete¿s main cities and resort areas, are found on the north side of the island and brim with hundreds of shops, cafes, tavernas and ouzeries, and everywhere the delectable Cretan wine and fragrance of jasmine vines. Golden beaches trim the island, splashed by clear, warm sea perfect for swimming and other watersports. Whether you gather `round in a seaside taverna, relax in a comfy chair in a pastry shop, stroll in solitude on a deserted beach, or join the frivolity in Crete¿s many discos and clubs, your experience will be a treasured memory.


Rhodes, the legendary home of Helios, god of the sun, is the cosmopolitan jewel in the crown of the Dodacanese and enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year. Shangri-la for shoppers, beach and history lovers, the island trumpets the best nightlife outside of Athens. Although Rhodes has just 90,000 inhabitants, it hosts over a million visitors a year seeking not only the aforesaid nightlife, but magnifi cent beaches, medieval architecture, scenic villages and harbours (the scene in historic Mandraki Harbour is mindboggling). The Street of the Knights and stone-paved alleyways in the Old Medieval Town will stop you in your tracks, as will the shops. Utterly fantastic. Another "must see", the exquisite little town of Lindos is dominated by an imposing acropolis overlooking a calm, gorgeous bay, whitewashed houses and pebbled courtyards. The acropolis can be reached by donkey or on foot. We suggest the donkey. Great fun!


Mykonos is the exemplar for Greek Isles blessed with soul, spirit, sea, sun, sand, shops and snazzy nightlife. The island attracts a discerning international clientele and the quality and standard are absolutely top-notch. Foremost are the beaches. Lapped by clean, clear Aegean Sea, most are framed by tavernas and bars catering to the sunbathers enjoying the action-packed scene. And always the sight of magenta bougainvillea draped over the blue domes and shutters sheltering the interiors of the exquisite little white buildings that dot the island. The harbour is home to brightly painted fi shing boats, tavernas and cafes. And just up the twisty streets - smart bars, posh restaurants, discos and clubs.


Few ports in the world offer a more dramatic vista then that of Santorini. The austere cliffs of this magnifi cent isle rise from sapphire waters to reveal a sheer precipice ribbed with soft pastels. The crescent shaped legacy of a volcanic eruption that shook the Aegean in 1450 B.C. blowing out the island¿s centre, some scholars believe the destruction was forerunner to the myth of Plato¿s Lost Continent of Atlantis. History buffs interested in Minoan civilization should tour Akrotiri, nicknamed the "Minoan Pompeii." The principal towns of Fira and Oia are perched on the rim of the submerged crater, and their colourful restaurants, tavernas and fashionable private homes tumble down the cliff-face like a sprinkling of sugar. Sunsets defy description and are best shared with others celebrating sundown. Classical music often plays and Santorini¿s Boutari wine flows ¿ prepare to banish all thought of sleep and enter the whirlwind nightlife! Santorini¿s canvas is brushed with plenty of beauty spots including beaches unique for their volcanic black or red sand. Fine jewellery enthusiasts will fi nd treasure in the multitude of gold shops lining the meandering streets. Look for the wide selection of colourful icons. The isle of Santorini generally exceeds even the wildest expectations!


Paros is an island of great charm, golden beaches, good nightlife and Cycladic architecture. The port and capital, Parikia, offers a spirited marketplace and famous Byzantine cathedral. Naoussa, on the north coast, is a full-scale resort. In the interior, Lefkes offers well-preserved medieval buildings.


The largest island in the Cyclades, the hotels on green, fertile, Naxos cluster in port and on what may be the best beaches in the Cyclades. Island mountain villages preserve the island¿s quiet, quaint and charming rhythms. The unique architecture is a reminder that Venetians ruled Naxos for 350 years.


Immortalized in Homer¿s Odyssey, the island of Corfu is renowned for its scenic charms, clear turquoise waters, gorgeous beaches, natural beauty and rich blend of Venetian, Neopolitan and Georgian-style architecture in Corfu Town. Expect excellent shopping, sightseeing and nightlife.

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