Travel Insurance

Swan Valley Travel strongly suggests the purchase of travel insurance to protect you and your vacation investment.

Why Purchase Travel Protection?

Although there are many reasons to purchase travel protection, here are a few common reasons:

  • You, a family member, or a traveling companion becomes sick or injured before departure and this prevents you from traveling
  • You arrive at your destination and discover that your luggage is lost or damaged
  • Your plane is delayed and you end up paying additional expenses, such as a meal or two or a hotel room
  • You become ill or injured while traveling abroad and need medical assistance
  • You are injured during your trip and need to be medically evacuated

Many tour operators offer some sort of travel protection plan (insurance) to cover fees and penalties that customers may incur. We evaluate those programs very carefully and compare them with our preferred insurer, MANULIFE, and determine the best plan for your travel dates and destinations.

Travel Insurance